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Monday, November 2, 2009


It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....

Once again, Ava showing off her photogenic skills and Tripp just hangin' in his own world.

Tripp looking at Ava wondering if she will ever leave him alone.

The cutest Mickey Mouse!

The cutest Minnie Mouse!

Tripp one month

Well, I know everyone says it but I seriously can't believe Tripp is one month old already. It feels like he has been with our family forever and hard to believe he hasn't been with us forever.

Thanks, for the cute pj's Aunt Sheila!

And, while Tripp was turning one month old, Ava was doing her October craft of painting a pumpkin - I have never seen the kid so serious she couldn't even smile for the camera while painting she was totally focused! Of course, the finished product was one that only a mother could love. It sits on our dining room table and she gets more impressed with herself everytime she sees it - cracks me up. Literally not a day goes by that she doesn't open her eyes really wide and say wow, pumpkin!!!

Pumpkin Patch

A little shop in our small town did a small pumpkin patch so I thought it would be a perfect thing to take the kiddos too to get some pics, Ava was everywhere except where I wanted her to be. This was pretty much the best pic I could get of them and due to the smallness of the patch there really wasn't anywhere to put Tripp and if you think I am going to let Ava hold Tripp - you are out of your mind!!!

Tripp in his outfit, looking ever so handsome!

Ava's new pose - this is how it goes Ava say cheese and Ava literally squats like she is going to the potty and says cheese. You can't get her to say cheese and smile standing up only in this position - nice!!!!

Random Pics that I like

This is Ava's favorite thing right now is when I get her up from her nap (she doesn't think she can get out of her bed without me) is for Tripp to lay with her for a little while she thinks it is hilarious!

Tripp just looking cute!

Tripp sitting with his Daddy contemplating life.

Ava looking so big in her first pair of boots and she was just way into the book that she couldn't look at the camera in fact anytime I asked her to say cheese she just stared at the book and said book.

Ava just being hilarious in her Ava ways - she just got the boots (thanks Aunt Haley) and of course had to add a few touches to her outfit.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We are home

Well, in case you didn't get the message on Facebook - Hughes Heath Hamrick aka Tripp arrived Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 11:25a.m. weighing 7.7lbs and was 19.5 in long. He is beautiful and healthy and we are now adjusting to a family of four. Thus far, he is a good baby and we are loving just looking at him and watching all those cute newborn things.
As everyone else puts their labor stories I will put mine it is pretty uneventful. I went to the dr. friday and there was absolutely nothing going on. However that night I felt horrible, all day Saturday I felt horrible. Then about 5:45 Sunday morning I woke up went to the bathroom - had a contraction, had another, then another. I thought I should time these things starting at 6:15 they were coming every 5 minutes. So, at 6:30 I woke up Heath and said if this lasts for 45 more minutes we are going to the hospital. They lasted - we went to the hospital got there at 8 was at a 3, at a 4 at nine, at a 6 at 10 had the epidural and he came at 11:25. All I can say is that when my babies decide to come, they come and don't waste a lot of time which is fine by me!!!!
Anyway, here he is on Day 1
Ready to come home (you know, I know carseats are the law but why must they look so uncomfortable.)

Proud Big Sis - she is doing ok with him has her great moments and not-so-great moments but for the most part is doing good. She is feeling a little under the weather right now so that does account for some drama.